Kyle Java

Computer Science Student at the
California State University of San Marcos

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I'm a Computer Science student at the California State University San Marcos graduating in Spring 2022. I enjoy learning about new technologies, more specifically about websites and applications. My goal is to develop new products that will create an impact on society.

I currently work as a Computer Science and Math tutor at CSU San Marcos. During my free time I like to work on personal projects, play piano, and participate in hackathons. I chose to pursue a career in Software Engineering during my Senior year of High School when I was exposed to the Python programming language.

Hackathons I've Attended:

LA Hacks 2020, GrizzHacks 5, Hack or Treat, Hacks and Crafts, #CodeChella, SharkHacks, CatHacks: Winter Edition, Winter Hacklymptics, Holiday Hacks, Kurius-Hacks: Christmas Edition, nwHacks 2021, CruzHacks 2021, QWERHacks, HoyaHacks 2021, uOttaHack4, Hackers of the Galaxy, LA Hacks 2021, PickHacks 2021,
JP Morgan Chase & Co. Code For Good 2021, HoyaHacks22

Work Experience


Volvo Group

Intern: Digital & IT (May 2021 - Aug. 2021)

Developed tools that would help digitize the process of handling used vehicles. Worked in an agile development environment along with other Volvo Group engineers. Met with stakeholders and engineers in weekly scrum meetings discussing various deadlines and tools.



Software Engineer Winter Intern (Dec. 2020 - Jan. 2021)

Developed a way for user's to verify their email address and phone number through using Google's Firebase. Bridged two phone numbers through a proxy number by using the Twilio Proxy API.


CSUSM STEM Success Center

Computer Science Tutor (Jan. 2020 - Present)

Tutored hundreds of Computer Science students through one-on-one sessions in lower and upper division courses. By using the Socratic Method, help solidify and strengthen students understanding and knowledge in various Computer Science principles.

The languages and tools I have worked with

Languages Python C++ HTML CSS Javascript Java Dart
Frameworks Bootstrap Flask Kivy React.JS
Tools Flutter Git Atom Unix Node.JS GCP

Featured Projects


Elementovate is a mobile application that helps students learn the periodic table as well as use it as a tool for studying for future tests. Elementovate was awarded "Best Education Hack" at GrizzHacks 5.

Flutter Android Studio

Our Artistic Space

Our Artistic Space is a website aimed to help the local art community. Our website helps people find local art museums, galleries, schools, and stores in their area. Our Artistic Space was awarded "Best Beginner Hack" at Hacks And Crafts 2020.


Flask Google App Engine Yelp API


Noteify is a website that improves one's mental health through positive thinking. It started out as a simple hackathon submission, but now it is currently an ongoing project.

HTML CSS Bootstrap

Flask Firebase Google App Engine

Other Projects

Python Kivy Yelp API

Mobile app that suggests new boba tea location in a user's city or zip code. Retrieved boba tea shop locations by utilizing the Yelp API.

Simple Piano Keys
HTML CSS JavaScript Jinja Google Cloud Platform Python

Web application that allows the user to play a portion of the keyboard through their keyboard and mouse.

Python Twitter API Beautiful Soup Google Vision API

Hackathon project for #Codechella sponsored by TwitterU. Twitter bot that utilizes the Google Vision API in order to identify various plants given by the user.

Rasperry Pi Weather Machine
Python Raspberry Pi OpenWeatherMap API

Program that takes in user's area and displays the weather on a 16x2 LCD screen attatched to the Raspberry Pi via GPIO pins.

HTML CSS Python Flask Spotify API (Spotipy)

Web application that shows the user's top played album. Learn more about your listening history with the Spotify API.

Flutter Dart TheOpenMovieDatabase API

Mobile application that reccomends new scary movies. Demoed the app at Hack or Treat? sponsored by MLH.

HTML CSS Bootstrap Flask Beautiful Soup MongoDB

SafeSpace is a website aimed to create a safer internet for children. Demoed project at CatHacks: Winter Edition.

HTML CSS Bootstrap Flask MongoDB

Web application that shows user's upcoming food drives. It also allows organizer's publish their own upcoming food drives.